Every Wednesday 6pm at the Mac Adams Centre in school terms Click here for beginner classes

Come and check us out, we’re a friendly, welcoming bunch. Between 20 and 30 people from all walks of life and age groups rock up on Wednesdays to have fun, and learn a lot at the same time. If you’ve done a beginner workshop, have played guitar before or simply taught yourself a few basics with YouTube we’re confident you’ll be able to join in with most of the songs in your first week and we’ll help you to learn more chords and develop faster fingers. And of course if you’re already proficient there will be opportunities to improvise, lead and solo.


Leader Ruth Allen spent three years studying with Canadian ukulele supremo James Hill, and has attended workshops with Kimo Hussey, Aldrine Guerrero and a host of other local and international experts. She runs concerts and workshops in the Port Macquarie area and has given workshops at the Brisbane and Newcastle ukulele festivals, as well as playing with The Outlaws Big Ukulele Band and local group U4RiA.

The Ukestration model we use was developed by Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart who run 9 Ukestras and two choirs in Newcastle NSW. We play songs in parts that cater for a wide range of abilities, with cool riffs and licks that make the songs diverse and interesting for audience and players alike.

We don’t seek a lot of performances but sometimes play at community gigs with local choirs and in the Glasshouse Friday Lunchtime Concert Series. Our sound is evolving, with increasing use of vocal and instrumental harmony, percussion and the addition of other instruments to the mix to make for a rich and diverse sound.

Cost is $10 casual but there are discounts for block payments and members of other groups Ruth runs. There’s no joining fee or paperwork: Visitors and holidaymakers are very welcome, so if you’re in Port Macquarie for business or leisure on a uke night please just turn up. With a bit of notice we can even lend you a uke! Please email for more information about Port Macquarie Ukestra.