What’s a Ukestra?

Next Ukestra Wed 22 November

PMUkestrapagetopnologoAt Port Macquarie Ukestra songs are arranged into parts for a ukulele orchestra. Sounds tricky? Not at all! The essence of the Ukestra is inclusion, so we have parts for players for of all levels. Not everybody does the same strum all the time, so even in a “difficult” song there will be “easy” parts. And the C F and G7 “beginner” song can still challenge more experienced players who are encouraged to take solos and improvise.

level3_sealOnly know a few chords and a couple of strums? You’ll still have fun, and you’ll still have a part. Demon strummer? Take it away! Do you love fingerpicking but don’t feel very confident? You can do a basic roll while someone else strums and it will sound great. And if you’re into improvising or instrumental breaks there’s plenty of opportunity to take the lead. The Ukestration model was developed by Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart from The Sum Of The Parts in Newcastle NSW – they run 9 Ukestras and two choirs, check them out if you’re in the area.

Ukuleles of all sizes and shapes and tunings are welcome, as are other
instruments, even – gasp! – guitars. Percussion, melodica, harmonica, kazoo all add depth and colour to a song.

There’s no joining fee or paperwork. Casual attendance is $10, discounts available

Visitors and holidaymakers are very welcome, so if you’re in Port Macquarie for business or leisure on a uke night please just turn up. With a bit of notice we can even lend you a uke! Please email for more information about Port Macquarie Ukestra.